Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reviewing at the end of E-Marketing

Time flies fast, it already comes to the end. Everything is so new for me here, reviewing this 3 months study, at the beginning I got some time to get used to the life here, then found myself nearly in the middle term. Luckily I could learn professor's E-Marketing class. Though many of us thought it was tough, but we really learned something from the lecture, I could still remember freshly, business never becomes easy, it should be the way like it is. We took the trial into marketing, at least delivered something not so bad results. That was it. Next semester would be long and difficult for me, since I put all the MBA core courses in my list. Thanks for professor's coaching, it was useful. I enjoyed though a bit tough. hah         

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Facebook Site Governance Vote

Facebook had announced last month that it was revoking member rights to vote on privacy policies. They are now giving users the ability to vote on the ability to continue voting, along with its additional clarifications to the Data Use Policy.

Here is the link to vote:



Prof Sugai did mentioned that the voting will have no effects whatsoever. Privacy is dead! Prevention is better than cure, so do refrain from uploading certain contents whenever necessary to protect your family.

IOT's Possibility

When we talk about Internet of Things (IOT) in Japan, many people expect to apply it for the electricity management (Smart Home) or the traffic management (Smart Cars). I would like to introduce a possible case in terms of Smart Cars which would be realized in the near future.

In 2011, we had heavy earthquake in very vast area in east Japan. Immediately after the earthquake, most of people wanted to go the devastated area to help the people, but it was difficult because lots of roads in almost all Tohoku area were damaged.

But in the next day of the earthquake, Honda posted very useful traffic map on the web which showed which route we could go. It was very helpful not only for many people who went toward devastated area, but also for victims who escaped from that area.

 In fact, it was based on Honda's location based services. Honda has offered that kind of services around 10 years and has been collecting the traffic data from their registered users. So, it could show the route someone went through after the eathquake. Furthermore, they had experience tring to use this data to show which route could be gone through after the Niigata Chuetsu earthquake in 2007. So it could offer the maps earlier than others after the earthquake in 2011. After the release of the Honda's maps, the 3 companies including Toyota, Nissan, and Pioneer,car navigation maker, offered their data, and maps became more helpful.    

So now I think, if all the cars had the communication tools and interact each other, many traffic problems including heavy jam would be solved. Automobile companies have already had the technology to achieve that world. The last but not least obstacle would be the cost and the competition. This is not the problem of technology, but the problem of marketing. I think we will solve the problem, but the question is how long does it take. 5 years, 10 years or more? I hope this will be realized at least within 10 years. Too pessimistic? What do you think?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is Doraemon a marketer?

Japanese famous animation called Doraemon is also famous in the world. Doraemon has many very useful tools. I thought that I wanted to get some tools when I was a child. One of great tools called "Dokodemo Door" which if you open this door, you can go anywhere that you want.

According to Kotler and Keller, marketing is to know the needs of people or society and and gaining profits by responding to expectations. I think that Doraemon has done “Marketing” although he doesn't get profit, because doraemon can always help Nobita by using great tools.I hope that great tools will be invented someday.

Anyway, I sometimes really want to get the Honyaku-Konjac. "Honyaku" means translate. If I eat it, I can speak any language fluently. But, before it will be invented, I should study hard anyway.


Monday, December 3, 2012

E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

Do you know “Crowd funding”?

The crowd funding is a system to raise funds in small lots from proponents for the idea to publish on the Internet.
Participant is different from the general public to small business
Media planning showcasing has contributed to increase the user. Among the companies of crowd funding, Kick Starter is one of the most famous company. In Kick Starter, "Pebble E-Paper Watch" was attracted investments of $ 10,266,846 is may be fresh in our memory.

This is the result of funding from the investment firm didn’t work; the route was changed to the kick starter. It should be noted that this recording at the moment, has become the highest amount gathered on the kick starter.

In the near future, funding may be also changed to “e-method” like above case.


Making virtual friends takes another step further with the introduction of FullDive. Forget about xBox Kinect or Facebook, and get into FullDive.

FullDive is the use of technology to fully immerse one's conscience in virtual reality.

It only has a single interface that covers the player's whole head and face. It completely controls the player's consciousness by redirecting the signals the brain sends to the body and sending its own waves to stimulate the five senses. It has its own battery source, as well as a high frequency electromagnetic microwaves emitter.

With the sensory emissions, players are able to interact with the system “real-time” physically, as if they were in another new world. Players are able to interact physically with one another, even if their real bodies are apart in different countries.

eMarketing comes in the form of online advertising at various stages of this virtual reality. Ads will be placed together with purchasing items, or inclusion of virtual shops within the other world.

Whoever is interested in the video (Sword Art Online) that I've played during last week's class, please feel free to look for me and get it.

iOS vs Android, who will be the winner?

A recent news said that iOS app revenues still four times higher than Android, but Play store grows much more faster: Google Play's revenue jumped by nearly 18% during the month of October, while the App Store saw a decrease of 0.7%. And in terms of free downloads, the gap is just 12% in favor of iOS. It can be predicted that Android is promising to catch up with iOS in revenue in the future.

Moreover, from the market share aspect, Android has already been the winner: 75% share in smartphone operating system market showed the strength of Android. While at the same time, iOS only make up 15% market share, only 1/5 of Android.Even in America, Android's market share also has surpassed that of iOS.

The rapid growth in both market share and revenue showed its great potential. All the facts indicate that in the war between iOS and Android, the latter is more promising.It's maybe also because Android is in a more open commercial cycle.

However, it still hard to conclude that Android will definintely be the winner, since Apple always contrentrates on innovation and improvement of technology. Although Android work hard to catch up with it, there is still a large distance. And we can never know whether there will emerge another big competitor in future.

Anyway, no matter who will be the winner, the consumers will surely get benefit from their technological competition, which will bring us better mobile experience.